Karczmarczyk and Syfert Consulting Engineers (KiS Projekt) is a structural design office, opened in 2010 by ex-employees of Polish department of famous British company Ove Arup and Partners, willing to develop their own professional passions and ambitions. Currently the office employs 6 engineers as permanent staff and frequently cooperates with MEP specialists.

 KiS Projekt is insured for 1 million Polish zlotys (approx. 240 thousand euros).

Chosen projects of company owners as Arup employees (1999-2009)

Valeo car wiper factory in Skawina. Architect: Valode et Pistre

Valeo lightings systems in Chrzanów. Architect: Valode et Pistre

Valeo transmisions in Nanjing, China. Architect: Valode et Pistre

Fraba electrical components factory in Słubice. Architect: BEL

Wzgórze Gdynia  shopping centre in Gdynia. Architect: Valode et Pistre

Jantar Shopping Centre in Słubice. Architect: Atelier

Silesia City Centre  - shopping centre in Katowice. Architect: Bose

Glazed roof in Złote Tarasy, Warsaw. Architect: Jerde

Temenos Cable-net, Middleheaven, Artist: Anish Kapoor